Denon D-M38 micro system

I have been looking at the Denon micro systems for a while as I need music in the study. When Soundlab was offering a 40% sale discount, I took the plunge and bought the D-M38 system.

What a pleasure the system is. At first I tried it with my Linn 5110 speakers as I had intended to use it with them. The sound was a bit boxy for my liking.

Then I tried the supplied Denon speakers. Much better, but a boomy. The speakers will have to stand on a bookshelf which is 30cm deep and 30cm high with books on each end. The Denon speakers are rear ported and need a bit of space.

Just for fun, I hooked the system up to my Thiel floorstanders. What a revelation! The music sounded great. Even better than with my Linn Classik. You have to boost the treble a bit, but that is all.

Now I am searching for a compact speaker system that will work on a crowded bookshelf. Any suggestions?


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