Another Seiko SKX

After modding my SKX007 into the "SKX008", I had some spare parts over. So I moved the brand new 7S26 movement from my SKX007 into an old case I had laying around. I fitted new hands and a dial as well a new crown.

I also fitted a Dr Seikostan "The Scandi.One" bezel insert and an Uncle Seiko President bracelet. The result was stunning.

The only problem was the case which I suspect was not genuine. It did not have the standard Seiko bezel spring ring which requires two holes in the case. Instead it had a single hole with a pin and spring. Unfortunately it did not click when rotating the bezel. I took it to a very well known watch repair business who messed it up and the tried to brush the case very badly. So I had to repolish it myself. I was now very frustrated with the watch and was no longer prepared to waste any more money and energy on the watch, so I sold it at a loss.

The new owner used it as a base for an artificially patina'ed watch.


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