Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ariel Square Four

Some pictures of a stunning Ariel Square Four shot at the Waterfront in Cape Town. These were shot with a Nikkor 24-120VR which everyone says is a soft lens. Not sure the pictures agree.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Searching for the 'trinity'

I have recently bought a few lenses. Firstly because I had specific needs and secondly because the currency had moved from R8/$ to R12/$ and I was jumping in on old stock of lenses that I wanted while I could still afford them.

Nikkor 70-300VR
This one is for my wife to use with the D200. She currently has an 18-70 and a Sigma 50-500 but is struggling to get sharp shots hand held. The 70-300 has VR and is quite sharp. I bought it second hand in mint condition.

Nikkor 24-120VR

I bought this one as a walkabout for my D3 for occasions when the 27-70 is just too heavy. The front lens element has a small chip in it, but it does not show up on shots. It is in excellent condition otherwise and I paid just $150 for it.

Nikkor 14-24

This is one lens I really had to think about. I had a Sigma 12-24 which I seldom used. One of my long term plans was to get the Nikkor f/2.8 'trinity'. The price of this lens was going up by 30% and I had the opportunity to get the last one at the old price. I bought it with the idea that I will surely get my money back if I had to sell it in the near future. It is now fuelling a new found interest in landscape photography. I sold the Sigma 12-24.

Nikkor 70-200VR
I have been holding back on this one due to reports of problems with the D3. After speaking with some pros, I have decided to take the plunge on a slightly used one at a very good price.

I now have the f/2.8 'trinity' comprising the 14-24, 24-70 and 70-200VR!