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My Road to Seiko

In my school years, I wore a manual wind Roamer watch that my parents gave me. But when I started working, I bought my first Omega.
The watch I bought was an Omega Geneve Chronostop Drivers watch. Note a driver, not a diver. The watch had the 12 where most watches had the 3. The idea was that you wore the watch under wrist so as to be able to see clearly while your hand was on the steering wheel.

I bought it with my very first paycheck. It cost me R65 out of my R99 monthly salary in 1968. The following month I paid almost as much again for the mesh bracelet to replace the Corfram one the watch came with. I wore this watch for many years and it kept perfect time. At this stage I gave no consideration to anything from Japan having had many poorly made Japanese tin toys in my childhood. Jap scrap we used to call them.
In the early 1990's I 'celebrated' a heart bypass operation with a brand new Omega Seamaster Multfunction watch. The Geneve was relegated to the safe. I als…

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