An Encounter With Lions

I have just had a small knee op. That in itself is boring, but how it came about is not as it involves lions.

In January 2009 we were staying at Grootkolk near Union's End in the Northern Kgalagadi. The camp is unfenced and has a watering hole.It is known for its lions.

On the second day I was cleaning the filter on the car's aircon when Isak, the warden shouted 'Leeus!' There were three females and two cubs walking towards me. I sprinted to the gate of the hut we were staying in and myst have hurt the knee in the process.

Some pictures:

Union's End

Our hut at Grootkolk. The only protection is the gate and low wall

Isak at the water hole. Note the R1 rifle

Mother and cub

Cub trying to be grown-up


Rosemarie said…
Wow John. What an experience! Glad the op was a minor one.

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