Saturday, January 01, 2011

Is Lead SA causing motorists to break the law?

Lead SA as sponsored by Cape Talk 567 and 702 are encouraging motorists to drive with their lights on during the day for read safety reasons.

I have two problems with this:

On a recent 7000km trip we started off with our lights on. After a few hours I could not touch the car radio or most of the switchgear. The thing is, when you switch the outside lights on, the inside lights also come on. After switching the main lights off, everything cooled down and the aircon coped much better. It was around 35c outside. This made me question how much extra energy and therefore fuel is needed by the alternator and aircon pump? How much extra emission polution is generated? If you multiply this by a few thousand vehicles, how much damage is the Lead SA campaign causing to the environment?

I have noticed that many cars are not driving only with their normal lights on, but also with their brights or fog lights on. This is illegal, of course. For those who do not know, the road ordinance says that you may only use your fog lights when there is reduced visibiliy due to dust, fog or smoke. In trying to be extra visible, many motorists are in fact breaking the law. To what extent is Lead SA responsible for this?

Denon D-M38 micro system

I have been looking at the Denon micro systems for a while as I need music in the study. When Soundlab was offering a 40% sale discount, I took the plunge and bought the D-M38 system.

What a pleasure the system is. At first I tried it with my Linn 5110 speakers as I had intended to use it with them. The sound was a bit boxy for my liking.

Then I tried the supplied Denon speakers. Much better, but a boomy. The speakers will have to stand on a bookshelf which is 30cm deep and 30cm high with books on each end. The Denon speakers are rear ported and need a bit of space.

Just for fun, I hooked the system up to my Thiel floorstanders. What a revelation! The music sounded great. Even better than with my Linn Classik. You have to boost the treble a bit, but that is all.

Now I am searching for a compact speaker system that will work on a crowded bookshelf. Any suggestions?